Exec. Debra Burke and Declan Riain (Riain Rising Prod.), Denmark
Exec Debra with Vincent Burke, on set for The Somnambulist in New Orleans, LA
Crew working on set in New Orleans, LA
On set in Los Angeles, CA
Original Poster for Paranormal Abduction

Our Approach

As an Executive Film Producer, Debra Burke Films strives to create lasting and meaningful relationships with production companies, writers, directors, crews, actors. DBF Specifically works to promote women in film and the creative industry.

Our Story

Debra Burke was born in Altus, Oklahoma. Burke briefly lived in Massachusetts before moving to Northern Virginia in 1975, where she raised her three children while balancing a fast-paced entrepreneurial career. Debra Burke Films was born in 2009 and debuted with the film Paranormal Abduction (formerly known as The Somnambulist).

Debra Burke Films, LLC est. 2009